Spiritual Accompaniment

Through spiritually-informed conversations, individuals are enabled to connect with something greater than themselves, realise a clearer direction in their lives.

People exploring this are male and female; it embraces inclusivity for all people from all walks of life gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered and straight. It is help for Christians and non-Christians alike.

Anyone can benefit from spiritual accompaniment. The requirement is that you wish to reflect on your life journey. You do not have to be a member of a church to have spiritual accompaniment.

Who accompanies us? Those who offer spiritual accompaniment are people who have been in the habit of reflecting on their spiritual life for some time, and feel able to walk alongside others in the spiritual journey.

Spiritual accompaniment is a relationship in which individuals can tell their stories in a safe, supportive environment and to explore where and how their spiritual or faith lives intersect with those stories. The accompaniment of individuals along their spiritual journey is an ancient contemplative and reflective practice that spans many different spiritual and faith traditions.

If interested, Gerard will meet you for a free thirty minute meeting to discuss Spiritual Accompaniment. Sessions usually last one hour with Directees meeting usually on a monthly or six weekly basis.

Standard Rates: £30 Individuals; Concession rates are also available.