What to Expect

The aim of Gerard’s counselling work is to provide an environment where people are respected, enabling them to make positive change in their lives.

Although initially many people may feel apprehensive about working with a counsellor, it can be both liberating and empowering to take that step. If you are facing a crisis in your life or a period of change, then counselling can help you. Or if you feel things may be going wrong in your life and you want to understand why and do something about it, counselling can help you in that process.

Counselling may take time to work, depending upon the nature and number of problems being presented by the client. Sometimes a single or a few sessions are all that is needed. Depending on the nature of the problem a longer period may be necessary. This can be discussed with the counsellor at the first session.  A free 30 minute initial meeting is offered by Gerard to potential new clients to discuss  any concerns and the appropriateness of counselling.

Gerard’s counselling practice is drawn from a person-centred approach with a holistic emphasis. He works collaboratively and interactively with his clients. He draws on theory, research and practice from various counselling models including psychodynamic , CBT and solution focused approaches to offer a flexible,  integrated approach.