At times, having the motivation to ‘get up and go’ can be difficult, especially if you’re depressed or feeling lower in energy than normal.

As a responsible employer early intervention can help to address personal challenges your team members may be facing. Stress can have a very negative impact on your business’ performance and morale. The benefits of managing stress effectively include:

  • Lowering the level of absenteeism with stress-related illnesses
  • Minimising  drug and alcohol abuse problems, which can be caused by stress
  • improving morale and productivity across your business
  • fulfilling your legal responsibility for employee welfare and ongoing personal development

The saying is as important here as ever, that “prevention is better than a cure”.

Services Murray Wellbeing can offer:

  • In-Person Counselling: Either on site at your offices or in a prior agreed alternative location, sitting face to face with another person can provides a warm, nurturing environment for your staff to discuss, and work to resolve personal issues.
  • Telephone Counselling: If we have not arranged to meet on-site, your team will be able to spent time with a trained counsellor on the telephone to discuss whatever problem they may have in a supported environment.
  • Team Wellness Workshops: Prevention is better than a cure, so at Murray Wellbeing we believe that bringing small teams together to deliver wellness workshops in a relaxed atmosphere, the message of wellbeing and getting into good habits can be distributed through the team, reducing the probability of greater social issues.

For more information about how we can help you to support your employees and management through better wellness in your organisation, call us today on 0131 5248110or e-mail You can also download our brochure here.